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Jul 27,2018

James Smethurst Joins the Kevin Edward Group

We are proud to announce our newest recruit, James Smethurst, who will join the main Kevin Edward Group as Director. James was a great target for us because of his specialist experience working on a global scale at management, director, and C-suite level, as well as for his diverse knowledge across markets and different functions, he has a track record of supporting clients at management and leadership level, working with start up’s and SME’s, through to multi-national corporations and FTSE 100 organisations. His engaging style and drive set him apart from others, which made him an excellent fit for helping us to drive the business forward.

Bringing James into the fold has meant that our board is now complete. He will be joining Stuart Brown, Shaun Muir, and Kevin Fasting, in developing the KE Group business across its offices in Leeds, Redcar, London, and Liverpool. James’ experience of working on a global scale will be used to help us in taking our first leap into setting up an overseas office, and expanding our international footprint. We have also commissioned James to create a market specific sub-brand which will be announced later this year on its launch, this client and market focussed approach to developing a presence in key areas is something which we are keen to explore in other areas too.

On his arrival, James said; “I am extremely pleased to be joining the Kevin Edward Group and I am looking forward to building the brand, the team, as well as forging new client relationships and supporting existing ones. I am delighted to be working with each of the directors involved – I believe as a collective we can create a fun culture which is great to work within, one which harnesses trust, honesty and respect, and one which challenges all of the individuals involved to self-develop, learn, and pursue excellence within their field. Our aim is to build a business which is both client and employee focussed – we are all passionate about encouraging team members to develop, challenge themselves, and pursue excellence, and we share the same desire to deliver the best possible service, creating an organisation which can support each of our clients in surpassing their own growth and development.”

Regarding the arrival of James Smethurst, Stuart Brown said; “It’s great to bring James on board, it demonstrates our commitment to attracting top talent, and to raising the already high standards we set for ourselves even further. James, Shaun, and myself have all worked together in the past so there is a great amount of trust and respect between us already, the results we have known James to achieve in the past have been nothing short of phenomenal, demonstrating the ability to work under tough conditions and still remain focussed on success has been something which has impressed many people who have seen him in action. We see James being a key role model to our high performing staff, and as someone who can help us to build the kind of culture we are passionate about.”

Group CEO Kevin Fasting concluded “I haven’t worked directly with James before in a recruitment setting, but I’ve heard great, great things. I have been impressed by the way that he has handled conversations so far, and by the values which he is so clearly driven by. I would like to welcome James into the business and we all look forward to him hitting the ground running.”  

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