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The Importance of Executive Search in Post-Covid-19 Economic Recovery

The recruitment industry is tainted with a bad reputation, often due to the limited regulations and low barriers to entry within the industry. This generates a challenge for executive search firms who strive to convey honesty and integrity in all operations, as changing opinions has to be achieved through how the service is delivered consistently and continuously. It is only after working with such a firm that clients and candidates begin to appreciate the value of recruitment professionals and their networks, which is what we are always striving to deliver.

Here I will share some facts, figures and data from industry research (REC, 2021) focused on how the recruitment industry, inclusive of executive search firms, is helping to accelerate economic recovery subsequent to COVID-19 disruptions.

See the full report here: https://www.rec.uk.com/our-view/research/industry analysis/recruitmentand-recovery

The recruitment industry is being increasingly recognised for its importance and contribution to post-COVID-19 economic recovery. As the world moves towards a new working environment, encapsulating the flexible working fuelled by stay-at-home orders, recruitment professionals are increasingly essential in liaising with clients and candidates smooth out the onboarding process for both parties. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC, 2021) also highlights that recruitment professionals are front-and-centre in “Supporting candidates with skills transitions and new directions” (REC, 2021) following mass restructuring across the majority of industries.

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the people are important over and above materials or systems. In business, this translates to the value of your employees, moving past simply monetary cost to culture fit and personality matches too. Considering this, building the right team is essential moving forwards and recruitment firms are here for just that.

As neatly summarised by the REC: “After all, which CEO goes to court without professional lawyers? If people are top of your list of business concerns, you need systems that reflect that.”

See the full article here: https://www.rec.uk.com/our-view/insights/business advice/recruitmentand-recovery-changing-course-river

Author: James Smethurst, Group Director, Kevin Edward Group

Editor: Lauren Smith, Group Marketing Executive, Kevin Edward Group

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