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Kevin Edward Group CEO and Directors launch RGC, in partnership with James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur.


This week a new venture capital fund was launched, Recruitment Growth Catalyst (RGC). This is a partnership between the KE Group CEO Kevin Fasting & KE Group Directors, James Caan CBE, and Recruitment Entrepreneur. RGC combines the experience of Kevin Fasting’s 10 years building recruitment businesses from the ground-up, and James Caan’s knowledge, experience and networks, to grow recruitment businesses with an exit mindset.

RGC’s investment strategy is based on investing in potential; with the agility to take on any driven recruitment expert that can demonstrate their ability regardless of the industry or sector. In return, RGC offers investee’s full 360 support, including but not limited to finance, operations, marketing, IT, and client generation. This allows founders to focus on their role as a recruiter, successfully billing, and building their team.

Kevin commented on his vision for RGC:

“My goal is to prove James right about why he came into business with us. We want to become the preferred partner for recruiters with an entrepreneurial mindset, investing in up to 10 businesses a year. It’s all about people for us – we want to be a community with a strong collaborative culture, where we share experiences and market intelligence. The opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the likes of Abid Hamid, Greg Hollis and the rest of the RE leadership team who have over 100 years’ experience in this arena is a real asset. One of RGC’s core values is to enjoy the journey and we certainly intend to!”.

We are very excited about this partnership! A flying start for the KE Group’s 2021 with a lot of more exciting things in the pipeline. Read the full press release on the RGC website here.

Author: Lauren Smith, Group Marketing Executive

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