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Advice From Our Recruitment Experts

The nature of interviews has inevitably changed significantly over the past year as we have adapted to a decline in face-to-face interactions with stay-at-home restrictions. Video interviews are now an accepted norm, much to Microsoft Teams and Zoom’s delight, and the future of the recruitment process is uncertain. Will face-to-face interactions resume to pre-covid levels, or will the infiltration of video calls remain the norm for everything but final-stage interviews?

Time will tell and it may depend on roles and industries, but for the meantime we can provide you with our best interview do’s and don’ts straight from the recruitment experts here at Kevin Edward.

The Basics: Preparation

A reminder on interview basics regardless of the medium:

Video Interview Do’s and Don’ts



Our Final Interview Tips

As is the case with face-to-face interviews, first impressions are key. With a video interview this encapsulates your appearance, your video background, and your preparation in ensuring that you are familiar with the technology and organised with your interview preparation. As video interviews become more of a norm, there will be less of a tolerance for mistakes and a lack of preparation.

Author: Lauren Smith, Group Marketing Executive


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