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Recruitment of managerial, director, and C-level staff.
Skills gap analysis’ and talent planning.
Organisational development, growth, and hiring advice.
Career advice and support.
Full Organisational Capability Reviews (OCR).
Bench strength capability assessments, and succession planning.
Employer branding advice.
Owner exit strategy – planning, advice, and full project outsourcing.
Change management planning and advice.


We can take away any recruitment-based headaches you have by project managing new hires, taking accountability for high importance roles, finding and attracting talent with hard to obtain skills/experience, and removing time consuming distractions from hiring managers so they can focus on core business.

An impartial sounding board to help better understand what skills and experience you already have in house, and what you are missing. In addition to this, we can help you map out what talent you need and when you should introduce them to best facilitate growth. 

Conduct full Organisational Capability Reviews, as well as partial assessments of isolated areas of your business, to help you better understand what the root cause of any HR/recruitment-based issues could be. 

We can support you in succession planning and undertake an organisational “bench strength”, to help you better prepare for the future.

Proactive Brand Ambassadors – working with you to define the message you are giving to prospective candidates, so that you are more visible as an employer of choice and can attract a higher calibre of talent. 

We work with owners and executives at a strategic level to bring them closer to realising their long term objectives. This could be aiding sale or divestment of one or more businesses by creating a stronger team to carry it forward, to accelerate MBO/MBI opportunities by introducing talent and creating more competition for management and leadership roles, facilitating the entry into new markets or development of new services by bringing on board staff who can hit the ground running, and ultimately helping you to create a business which is self-sustaining/self-managing.

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